Thursday, February 18, 2010

Digitizing the Representation System

We have these tools. Why are they not utilized? Every Blogger, Facebook, MySpace... system is exactly this.

I have designed a basic flowchart of how this is managed.

Representation Flowchart

Purpose of the House

The purpose of the House of Representatives is to provide representation to the government  from the citizenry. The ratio of representatives to citizens is 1:30000.

The house is the GUI of the government to the citizenry. Citizens will communicate with their government through their representative. These are social networking tools. We have these tools. We just need to demand that our House use these tools to represent us in the government. It is not difficult or will it be damaging. We will have better controls over legislation and money spent.

The reason the government is not working is in the failure to follow the mandated ratio of representation

There is no way in hell that a corporation should have the same rights as a citizen.